Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you Muchkin People

All of you know as a mother to be and a new mom, you get lots of advice. Some of which we all choose to ignore and some is actually good advice. One example of good advice I received was if you find something your baby loves like a blanket, toy, bottle or bear, go buy a million of them. So, for me that advice had really never gone into play until now. Kellan just turned one, and like I am supposed to, because "they" say so, my goal was to promptly switch him from the bottle to a sippy. Well, since I never let him self feed himself the bottle, he wasn't quite savvy with sippy cup even though we started practicing @ 6 months. His g-ma had been letting him drink out of her cup with a straw for months, so I decided since he was so good at that, I would find him straw cup to drink his milk from. 1st attempt was a straw cup from Platex, no worky !!! It leaked when thrown on the ground. 2nd attemt was a straw cup by Munchkin I got at Wal-Mart. It worked pretty damn good. I would leak a little, but it was tolerable since I was able to break my boy of the bottle. Since that one was working and he was drinking all of his liquids from it, I figured I better run out to Wally World (not my favorite place at all) and buy them out !! So I went, they had 2. Went to another, none, Another, none again. What am I gonna do ??
Relief came today as I had nothing better to do and made the journey out of my comfort zone of Rockwall to Mesquite to Babies R us (another non-fav place). At 1st I didn't see what I was looking for, then I saw what kinda looked like it, but different. So I think to myself, "have they change it all together"? Not sure, but gonna try it. So I bought 6. I double checked with the girls (children) up front that if it didn't meet my satisfaction I could bring them back, they said yes. I was on my way. Got home, it was lunch time, hand washed one of my new straw cups, filled it with milk, and handed it to my kid, and...................It worked. I actually think he prefers the "new" construction. Does it leak ?? Not so far. Anyways, this was a very long story, but a very important one in my book. Now that that dilemma is solved, I am sure Kellan will decide he loves the sippy and wants nothing more to do with the straw cup !!

This was the original favorite

This is what I got today

See the little flippy thing that conceals to straw. Very helpful for transport.

FYI, I just went on to the Munchkin web site and they do advertise both and say Wal-Mart carries them ?? I guess some stores just don't carry both??