Monday, April 27, 2009

Paci clip

If only I had found this when mine was a baby, life would have been a lot easier !! Thank goodness Create Studio figured it out for the next time.

grosgrain ribbon (preferably double-sided and sturdy)
1 1/2 snap sets (you can get these at Walmart)
1 name tag clip (you can find these on the back of those plastic name badges from any office supply store)

First, cut the ribbon 9 1/4 inches long and burn the ends slightly to prevent fraying. Put one end through the name tag clip. Pull 1 inch of ribbon through and secure with 1/2 of a snap set (this end does not need to actually snap.)

Next, fold the other end of the ribbon over 1 1/4 inch and attach a full snap set on this side. Be sure to leave a little extra ribbon to hold on to while you're unsnapping the paci since this is the side that will unsnap to hold that beautiful thing!