Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet, Seven Layer Dip

Who wouldn't love this. What a great dessert idea. The kids would L-O-V-E it !

Sweet Seven Layer Dip
From Evite
Come on along as I walk you through each decadent, nostalgia-inducing step.
Here's all you'll need to re-create this dessert version of the classic Mexican dip:

peanut butter (standing in for refried beans)
Nutella (as awesome as guacamole)
Marshmallow Creme, aka Fluff to my fellow Northeasterners (this is your sour cream layer)
Shredded coconut (a perfect substitute for grated cheese)
Chocolate chips (instead of black olives)
Salted peanuts (a salty twist, instead of the traditional jalapeƱo kick)
Gummy bears (stay with me here.... We needed something to represent salsa, and gummy bears at least simulated the colors; plus, they're gummy! and bear-shaped!)
Nilla Wafers and Ritz crackers (your tortilla-esque scoopers)

First you spread a generous layer of peanut butter in a shallow bowl. We chose a glass pie dish so you could see the luscious cross-sections.
Then add an even more generous layer of Nutella. Why more generous? Because it's Nutella. Too much is never enough. Next, spread your fluffy marshmallow creme in a slightly smaller circle so the layers are visible from the top. This layer was a challenge to spread; we had the best results by placing a large dollop in the center and fanning it out to the edges. Then sprinkle on chocolate chips.

Add coconut and salted peanuts to taste. Sweet-toothed tigers can up the coconut, and those who want a little salt to counteract all the sugar can go heavier on the nuts.
Bring on the bears for a splash of color and a chewy surprise ... that was celebrated by gummy fans and vaguely troubling to those who do not necessarily favor a fruity taste that keeps on giving while chewing. Dip your Nilla (or Ritz) deep to get each layer and enjoy!