Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flower Headband-You can make

I stumbled upon this flower head band over @ 30 days. Looks super easy and like something anyone could do. Think I'm gonna give it a shot !!

Ok so a few of you were interested in a tutorial for the flower headbands.I've seen a lot out there.There are many good tutes for flower headbands.

This is just my easy, inexpensive version.First, gather these supplies:

Long ago, I got the headbands and flowers at my local dollar store. And I also had the sequins that I purchased at a craft store.Glue gun. Needle and embroidery floss.And you'll need 5 minutes.

1. Grab your headband.
2. Next your flowers.
3. Take your flowers apart. Take the flowers off the stem.Then take the middle part out of the flower (just yank it out).
4. They should now look like this.
5. I used 2 blooms from my bunch. Stack them like so.
6. Now it should look like this.
7. Take your needle and thread. Thread your needle.Tie a knot at the bottom. Start under. Poke through all the layers.
8. Then go back down.
9. Do it a few times. It should look like this.
10. Then grab the headband,position the flower how you want it-I like mine on the side but you can do it however you want-and take the needle and thread and wrap the thread around the headband.
11. Then stitch it a few more times-up and down like before but around the headband now.
12. Once you've done it a few time and it feels secure,on the backside, wrap it around the headband a few more times and tie it off.
13. It should now look like this. If you really want to get fancy, you can add a piece of felt to finish it off. Just cut a circle and cover where you stitched.
14. Get your glue gun. Glue a drop in the middle covering the stitching.
15. Add your sequin.
16. Put it on your daughter's head. Or yours. Or save it as a gift. You get the idea.

Thanks for sharing, 30days.


Natalie said...

I have made something similar for my daughter before. This is a great tutorial! thanks for *sharing* and thanks for also following:)