Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glitzy Makeup Box

I have seen these makeup boxes glamed up all over at craft fairs and such. I just love em, and thought, "I can do that". I had my late g-ma's Samsonite make up box and thought I would use that to try. You can also use an old suitcase.

What you need:

Old suitcase, makeup box, anything really

Scrap paper-coordinating styles

Mod Podge ( I used plain & some with glitter for the outer coat)

Foam Brush

Small paint brush

Chenille yarn

Rhinestones/Acrylic Gems

Artificial flower(s)

Tacky glue

To start, wipe suitcase/box clean. Cut scrap paper into various shapes and sizes. I cut mine into different sized squares and rectangles. You can do any shape or just tare your paper. Apply thin, even layer of Mod Podge to back of a piece of paper. Starting on one of the outside edges apply the paper to the box. Continue all over. Its ok if your squares overlap, I prefer this look. Some areas may start to bubble a little, do your best to smooth out with your fingers, but don't worry, after it dries 90% usually go away. Once entire box is covered allow to dry for about 30 minutes or so. Go over entire box with another layer of Mod Podge (this is where I use Glitter Mod Podge) Allow to dry again (30 minutes) I like to repeat this step twice to insure everything is well coated.

Next I work on the handles and covering the rubber edge's of the box. I use my paintbrush to apply a thick coat of Tacky Glue to rubber edge. Start at one end and apply your chenille yarn to the edge. When you get to the end of a row, no need to cut just back track and continue until covered. Do this to all rubber edging.

Once that's complete, use your yarn again to cover the handle. Cut a long strip of your yarn. There is no way to know how much you need, just cut a pretty good piece, you can always tie another piece to it if need be. Start at one end and tie the yarn around the handle. Continue to tightly wrap yarn around handle until entire handle is covered. Tie off the end.

To apply the flower you can use you Tacky Glue or I like to use the wired stem of the flower to wrap around the handle. Then I use more yarn to cover the stem.

Now the glam part. Lay box on its back so fasteners are facing up. Paint a not to thin, but not to thick layer of Tacky Glue to the metal suitcase/box fasteners. Use needle nose pliers or tweezers to carefully apply the rhinestones. If you glue is too thick, be careful because the rhinestones may want to shift a little.

Once completely dry, Wholla, you have a beautiful glamed up Make box or suitcase. Now, what the heck am I gonna do with it ??


Alison said...

LOVE it! So cute - and sounds really easy once you get started. Bring it to the decoupage party for inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous project! Have you tried using Collage Pauge instead of Mod's so much better!!!

Patty In SoTexas said...

I was passing through and had to tell you how cute the makeup box is! I love the idea! I am going to see if anyone has an old suitcase via freecycle and give it a try. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world!

It took me until I was 39 to decide to wear makeup. And since I am going repurpose a desk and an old mirror into a vanity table, what better box to accompany my new beauty nook?

You are just too cool for words!