Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation Gift Card Holder

Its grad season yet again. Didn't school just start ?? Here's a simple an easy idea from

Plaid Online to spice up a gift card for your favorite grad.
To make a graduation gift card holder, you will need

My fav- Mod Podge
Altoid tin
4 pieces (or scraps) of scrapbook paper (one yellow with stars; one black and white stripes; one black; and one red)
Black ribbon with gold edges (14 inches)
Small star punch out or 4 red star stickers
4 red rhinestones
1 gold eyelet
Thin gold cording to attach tag
Distress ink
Hot glue

1. Wash and dry tin.

2. Use the top of the tin as a template to cut out 4 pieces of yellow paper (Cut two slightly smaller to fit the insides of the tin. Distress edges and apply to the top, bottom and the insides of the tin with Mod Podge; allow to dry.

3. Cut a 1/4” strip of yellow paper, distress and apply around the edge of the lid with Mod Podge; allow to dry.

4. Cut a 1/2” strip of black and white striped paper and apply around the edge of the bottom of tin with Mod Podge; allow to dry.

5. Use sandpaper to sand away any paper that may be extending the edges of the tin.

6. Punch out stars or use star stickers and place three stars across top right of tin lid as shown.

7. Coat the entire outside of tin with Mod Podge; allow to dry.

8. Make a tag using the black paper and star paper as shown and add eyelet. Place stickers and star on tag then add a red rhinestone.

9. Add red rhinestones to each star on tin and use hot glue to secure ribbon around tin so that, while ribbon is in place, the tin will open; attach gold cord to tag and slip through ribbon, tie and rim ribbon as shown.

You could clearly change this project up and use it for any season/purpose.