Friday, May 1, 2009

More yummy food

This is a combo of both of my g-ma's tetrazzini recipe. It does take just a little bit of time, but its well worth the trouble. I always double or triple this recipe. FYI it freezes very well and is great left over.

Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini

4 oz jar pimentos (chopped)
½ stick butter
2 rounded tbs flour
2 cup milk
3/8 tsp garlic salt or powder
1 green pepper chopped
4 oz jar mushrooms (chopped)
1 can mushroom or celery soup
½ lb Velveeta cheese or what I prefer is a jar of Old English cheese, found in dairy case with other cheeses. I really makes it taste extra yummy !!
1 cut up / 2 cups cooked chicken or turkey
4 oz spaghetti
Black pepper to taste

Make cream sauce out of butter, flour, & milk. When it begins to thicken add cheese, green pepper, pimentos, mushroom, soup & black pepper to taste. Have spaghetti ready (better if cooked in chicken broth).Mix all together & pour into buttered Pyrex & bake 45 min-1 hour or until bubbly @350.

Another tip: I like to make mine the day before I want to serve it and let it sit in fridge overnight before cooking and serving, I just taste better that way.